ICO Launch Is All About Your Online Presence

Your ICO Launch Is All About Your Online Presence

With the use of cryptocurrencies growing by the minute, a crypto ICO launch needs to cut through the noise and create a memorable brand to attract investors to the new currency. Furthermore, the ICO needs to provide potential investors with an easily navigable, user-friendly website that enhances the user experience so they’ll return and tell their friends.

An ICO website is like none other in the startup world. Because your website is the only place in which potential investors will decide whether to trust your ICO, it’s crucial to have a strong branding studio who tailors your website to the unique ICO user experience.

Hire a Web Design Agency That Understands the Cryptocurrency Scene

To ensure success, you need a strong branding and web agency that knows your crypto ICO’s unique needs, one who understands your target market. Not a traditional ad agency. You want someone who gets the cryptocurrency user experience and knows the struggles startups face every day. A branding agency designed especially for startups—who itself is a startup—understands your budget crunch and can give you the custom-tailored advice and services you need at a price you can afford. Only an agency that has all the answers to your questions can help you conquer all your unique challenges.

Demonstrate Credibility from the Start with the Right Branding Studio

In an ICO launch, your potential investors’ number one concern is credibility. Investors worry about one thing: Can I trust this ICO? You can demonstrate your expertise and your offering’s value with a website that builds their trust with a unique, intelligent user experience from the moment they click the link that takes them there. With the right branding studio, you can do just that.

An Efficient, Well-Designed Website Brings Investors to Your ICO

Once they’re on your website, you need an efficient design that allows them to find what they need quickly. Although an ICO website needs a bold new look, design is way more than meets the eye. A website’s design must give users a seamless experience, one that gets them to their goal in seconds, lest they navigate away to another website.

Because time is of the essence, there’s no time to do usability testing. With a web design firm that knows what factors make for a near-perfect user experience for your website visitors, you have the edge in helping potential investors locate information on your site quickly, enabling them to decide to get on board quickly.

Establish Authority and Trust with a Sterling Reputation

Next, you’ll need a brand strategy that tells people at a glance who you are and what you stand for—one that establishes your reputation and expertise. A bold, honest image that carries through every piece of content you post, your logo, even down to the font you use on your site, will establish your ICO as a force to reckon with.

Establish a Sense of Urgency in Potential Investors

Quick value increase won’t come without a sense of urgency. With the skills of a specialized branding agency, though, your potential investors will fear missing out on a great thing—your crypto ICO. With the right branding and a sense of urgency—FOMO—you can attract the attention of even the traditional business community—many of whom can’t wait to jump on board the cryptocurrency train. FOMO is a psychological state of mind–one that a professional web designer can create to make potential investors feel as if they would miss something big if they don’t invest now.

Furthermore—and most importantly—an authoritative brand presence will give you the kind of transparency that builds trust—so crucial to dispel any doubts or fears your potential investors may feel.

Lift Your ICO Out of Obscurity into Investors’ Sight

A branding studio that has a bold new attitude and meticulous attention to detail when building your brand can lift your ICO out of obscurity into the light. With a brand that establishes your ICO as a daring new way to do business, you’ll have all the right people knocking on your virtual doors.

That agency is Outline Branding. A startup design and branding studio that understands the ICO market and its unique launch process, we can help you reach your target market. Premium products and super-fast designers will get you up and running in no time. For a no-obligation consultation for your ICO launch, contact Outline Branding’s team of web design and branding experts today.

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