A Brief Guide to Branding a Startup

A Brief Guide to Branding a Startup

The term “startup” for a newly found company implies the innovative and creative growth strategies that are implemented in order to get the brand to the customers. As a startup, you cannot use the traditional slow methods of marketing to grow your new company as the whole startup culture is revolves around being innovative and creative. Therefore, when it comes to branding your products and your company, you should not follow the traditional methods. Let us give you a brief guide on the approach you should take when starting up your brand.


Tell A Story

People are drawn to stories more than anything else. By using a story for your brand, you can quickly and easily assimilate your name into the heads of the general public. Build a story around your brand, highlighting what makes you special and stand out from the rest. Your company’s culture plays a great role in this part, differentiating yourself from the corporate companies by the free and innovative culture that you offer to your employees and to the public. Try to relate to the vast ammount of your target audience by building a relatable story around your image when you are branding your startups. It could be anything from giving affordable solutions to the less privileged, to helping college students in their financial problems, or merely to putting more morality into your business than the competition. Always connect your brand with a story



Be Confident in your Message

When it comes to your startup, you need to have a clear and precise message that you want to assign with your brand. Find what differentiates you from your competitors and connect that to the advertising methods that you use to reach your customers. You need to take a stand and be confident about what your brand represents. People nowadays are more informed than ever having such easy access to knowledge through the Internet. Therefore, they know exactly what you are doing and what your competitors are doing differently. What you do should be able to keep them coming back, and that does not only mean good service, but having a clear and positive message connected to your brand as well.


Good Design

A startup’s brand needs a great level of good, solid visual design to make sure it etches itself into the minds of your customers. This does not always mean a lot of elaborate and complex designs, but making sure you use colors and patterns in a way that speaks to the customer. They need to have a visual image in their mind whenever they hear your name. Companies such as Coca-cola and more recently the leading social networks have done a great job in ensuring they have simple and yet extremely effective designs.

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