Branding for Start-ups: How to Build It from Scratch

Branding for Start-ups: How to Build It from Scratch

Branding is the core marketing strategy of every business. Most of the time, people will advise you to keep your branding and marketing consistent in the event that you are already firmly established. But what do you need to do if you are only starting to develop the company’s brand? Startup branding is never easy but with the right dedication, knowledge and perseverance, anyone can do it. Here are some of the factors that can help your brand create an impact.


Factors You Need to Consider With Startup Branding

Target Market

The demographics that you are targeting should be your first point of consideration for your startup. One great way to view it is as a book being sold in a bookstore. If you notice, there are different books created for different demographics; there are novels for children, teens, adults, males, females, etc. The same thing can be said about your startup branding. The message and the image that you are going to use should capture the interest of your target market. You should be aware about the identity of your market: who are they, what interests them, what do they need, what are their wants in life, what do they like to do.


Be Aware on the Rivalry

A great tip when you are branding your startup is to learn from the branding of your rivals. Your competitors may be have been in business for quite some time and hence might already have developed an effective branding. Analyze the changes in the branding of different companies as well as the ways they interact with their customers. These factors can help your startup branding by examining the qualities that made them unique and using that to motivate you.


What Makes Your Company Unique?
You need to know how your branding will make your company unique. Branding a startup can usually be derived from a concrete business plan such as having a lower price, offering a distinct feature, and other similar attributes. That is why you need to analyze the branding of the rivals, if most of them are pretentious and elitist, you can create your startup branding with a bit more down to earth, approachable feel to it.


Mold it

When building your startup brand, you need to view it as a person– mold it and define it as a person. If your product was a person what kind of person would it be? How would he reach out to the public, what gender, age; these questions will need to be answered during your branding.


Finally, when you already have a core idea for your startup branding, the next step would be to seek professional help. You will need to seek help from a third party provider in order to make these ideas a reality.

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